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Brace yourself. Loading cringetastic ‘About Me’ page… 

Hola! I’m Savannah. The most accurate phrases I’d use to describe myself would be; an Instagram addicted, selfie obsessed, flat-lay freak… And now I guess I can add ‘basic BLOGGER bitch’ to that list.


The year was 2004. The digital age. I can still hear the soundtrack of the era; which – of course – was the dial-up modem as it connected through your telephone line. Potentially the only entertainment we had in the 90’s was heading straight to chatrooms to talk to strangers, creating severely embarrassing PICZO websites or playing minesweeper and solitaire. And then, BAM, social networks/millennial blogging.

Other than the brief/irrelevant history lesson, I’m trying to express that:

1. I’m a geek
2. A whole chunk of my childhood revolved around the internet ..Therefore, as an adult, strange things like ‘blogging’ appeal to me.
And 3. If I’m honest – I’m just attempting to write this post with as little ‘cringe’ as possible.

Hence the waffle.

I’m not about to pretend there’s a deep and meaningful reason behind creating a blog.

..I just like it. I like taking pointless but pretty pictures of objects. I like writing stuff; even if it’s only read by 10 people.

As a hairdresser, I can tell you that we are filled with advice, recommendations and pretty useless facts. If all I achieve from this blog is a bit of advice that has some sort of positive impact on someone’s life/a small relief of boredom,
I’ll be happy.

 I feel like I should probably start this again.

I’m Savannah, I’m twenty-four and I live in Peterborough, England. Potentially this next bit could sound a bit like I’m filling out a CV, but I’ve just tried to shorten it to make it less boring:

2012: Started working in a nightclub
2013: Qualified as a Make-up Artist
2015: Achieved a Level 2 NVQ in Hairdressing
2016: Achieved a Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing
2017: Completed a Gel Polish course
I’m lucky to work in a really lovely salon: Kirsty’s Hair & Beauty

My aim is to fill my blog with reviews, tutorials, and anything I feel might be of interest to people! Thank you for
reading & I hope you enjoy my blog. & since you’ve read this much, you may as well follow me on Instagram/follow my blog to keep updated 🙂



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