My Glam Box Review – September

Eldora Lashes  Inc.redible Cosmetics | Highlighter Drops Optait VIP Pamper Kit Celebrity Eyebrow Kit

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My Glam Box Review – August 2018

Body on Demand | Glitter Gel Lick and Lash | Pigments Unicorn Cosmetics | Dragon Lashes (Icefyre) Wonderlooks Hair | Festival Hair Kit Saturated Colour…

My Glam Box Review – July 2018

Hello, It’s me.. ♪ Oh, sorry! You probably didn’t recognise me because this months Glam Box may have transformed me into Beyonce in this exact GIF. This…

My Glam Box Review – June 2018

I don’t know when these mythical creatures became such an obsession but unicorns + anything make-up related = the stuff of dreams. This months Glam…

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2018 has been the year of the highlighter.. In a BIG way. I feel like we have become absolutely obsessed with drenching ourselves from head…

My Glam Box Review – April 2018

Ah, rose gold. That colour that sends me (and every other basic bitch) wild. Why is rose gold such a popular colour? Why isn’t everything…

My Glam Box Review – March 2018

*Cue heavenly choir music* Hold on, let me set the scene for you.. ~ Cherubs appear playing harps, on a cloud made of donuts; pizza slices surrounding you…


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