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Spotted – an Upper East Side Coconut Queen with the sassiest accessories you’ve seen”

Never heard of Coconut Lane? Allow me to introduce.. *ahem*

The London-based brand was founded in 2015. Coconut Lane offers a variety of products – we’re talking: accessories, stationary, jewellery, homewear.. Even sweatshirts and socks! All the products have an extremely up-to-date and trendy feel. It’s just sass. Sass overload. And I love it. The whole brand focuses on pop culture and social media with a vivacious vibe – think Mean Girls, think Gossip Girl. It’s just super pink, super girly and super chic. It’s just me.

Now, I’m the kinda girl who appreciates nice packaging. And this packaging was NICE. Like, the nicest I’ve seen. Holographic postal bag?!
I’m done.
You’ve won.
Five stars.
Don’t even care what’s inside.

Just to put the icing on the cake – this arrived practically next day even though I did standard delivery. I am an online-shop-a-holic, but my tight-ass begrudges paying for next day delivery (because that £2 really makes a difference..) so my heart skips a beat when things arrive really quick.

To put the CHERRY on top of this imaginary cake – it’s actually free standard delivery over £30! Chuffed.

Coconut Lane’s Sass Boxes really caught my eye. There’s 6 to choose from:

♥  Rose Gold – £44
♥  Marble – £54
♥  Mermaid – £39
♥  Celeb – £29
♥  Tropical – £44
♥  BYO (Build your own) – £52

Each box is unique to its theme. They contain a variety of items, you can expect: make-up bags, make-up brushes, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, phone cases, pens, notebooks, stickers, wall art, greeting cards, coasters and pins. Buying a Sass Box will save you £20 – £30.

Mermaid Sass Box – £39
Use Code: SAVLAMI20 for 20% discount
Buy Here |

I was planning on buying the Mermaid Make-up Brushes anyway, and with the Sass Box only £10 more – it made sense for me to buy it! The Mermaid Sass Box contains products with an RRP of over £65, which means you save over £25. The Sass Box itself is a chic matte white laminated box of decent quality.

Inside you will find:
♥ Mermaid Make-up Brush Set
♥ Opal Floating Glitter Pen
♥ Mermaid Floating Glitter Pen
♥ Mermaid Greeting Card
♥ Mermaid Wall Art
♥ Ocean Marble Notebook
♥ Starfish Ring

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set | £29.00

You can’t deny that these brushes look pretty frickin’ cool. Amirite!?! I’ve wanted some funky brushes for ages now and fell in love when I saw these. They are definitely of high quality, they feel really soft and my makeup goes on beautifully with them. They are vegan friendly and come with a beautiful holographic mermaid pouch to store them in.

Can you believe the price for such lovely brushes? £29 for 10 brushes.. so £2.90 per brush! Using my 20% discount we are talking, like what, £23.. so £2.30 a brush? (Ok I definitely need a nap now. These hardcore calculations are making my brain hurt..)

Gold Starfish Ring | £9.00

Ok I’m back. I found the gold starfish ring a little small for my chubby fingers but it actually looks great as a midi-ring. Looking at it closer I realised you can adjust the size of it by pulling it apart as it is not connected the whole way round. However I do actually love it as a midi-ring anyway.

Mermaid & Opal Floating Glitter Pens | £8.00 each

Yes.. I confess to being a stationary nerd. Yes.. Colourful sparkly pens excite me. Its the little things in life. I really enjoy the floating glitter in these pens. Other than that, its a pen.. *shruggs* It has a twist tip, is black ink and comes in a signature pink coconut lane pen pouch. Wewp.

Ocean Marble Notebook | £4.50

So who knows why marble is such an obsession for us girls. Guess it just looks super chic and expensive? Anyways, always handy to have a notebook! This one A5 and has 36 pages. It is 100% recycled paper and made from eucalyptus pulp. The pages are left black so you could use it for drawing as well as writing.

Mermaid Wall Art | £6

I love quirky wall art quotes and sayings. This is made on A4 150gsm 100% recycled card with a silk finish. Bare in mind there is no frame included with this.

Mermaid Greeting Card | £2.50

Cahyooot. No idea if I will ever use this or who I would even give this to? But it looks sweet. It is printed on luxury A6 recycled card, is blank inside and has a white envelope to go with it. 

Although perhaps I won’t use everything I received in the Mermaid Sass Box, I think it is amazing value for money. I think these are perfect little gifts, especially for a young girl.

I’m literally in love with the phone cases from Coconut Lane, so check them out if you like a good phone case like myself! & don’t forget to use the code SAVLAMI20 for a 20% discount.

Thank you for reading my review, I really do appreciate it.

(Wtf, sorry but I HAVE have to include this picture I came across because it literally made me lol..)

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