GlossyBox Review – March 2018

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Today, 20/03/18, is the first day of spring (THANK F—).. and –dramatic pause– my first blog post! ..Wow, cringy.

Anywaaaay, I thought a review on the March Glossybox would be appropriate. This is literally my second Glossybox (yes, super slow on the beauty box bandwagon – don’t judge). I’d looked into it before but always thought of excuses not to try it. To be honest, it was probably because there are about 50 to choose from. I mean, girl – you need a box, they got you! Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free.. Hun, you can even sign up to ‘Pink Parcel’ to make it more bearable when you get a visit from Aunt Flo. I just wanted to keep it simple. Glossybox had great reviews and seemed to be the most cost effective one too.

I like how it’s a little surprise each month, something to look forward to.. (mm I don’t get out much) It’s such a gamble, like – oo will I be receiving a sh*t lipgloss I’ll never use or a super high-end highlighter?! So I’m just gunna be honest, literally when my first box arrived I was like – erm, ‘scuse me where are all my products – before realising you only get a selection of like 5 or 6.. *JUST LETTING ANY POTENTIAL BUYERS KNOW* to save disappointment. I mean, I clearly didn’t look into it that well.. or read the leaflet.. HA. Even so, the value of the products you get are much more than the subscription price

My box arrived quite late this month, but I’m not fussed. It’s here, and now.. to the review! Dun dun dun.

£10 a month plus £3.25 P&P per box
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Now I know I’m a newbie to this, but I was confused as this wasn’t pictured on the leaflet that showcases the products. I was like, wait a minute, have I received a rare gift?! Or perhaps they ran out of everything and just shoved this in and hoped for the best?? Turns out I just don’t think they feature everything on the leaflet. If you didn’t know, I’m a hairdresser, and a right snob when it comes to hair products. I have everything but the kitchen sink when Paul Mitchell is concerned (I work in a salon so I need to try every new thing that possibly comes out.. Muahaha) Moroccanoil is great and has amazing reviews, however I do prefer serums to oils on my frizz bomb. It’s nice that they have included a hair product though – well happs.


A primer! Yay! I ALWAYS need primers. And – wait what- £35?! Hit the jackpot here! This primer is a gel consistency, and spread over my face really well, my face actually felt really fresh after using it which I liked. I have been using Benefit ‘The POREfessional PRO balm’ which is more of a paste and I find doesn’t apply as easily. One thing that caught my eye is that it has a ‘Duo-Action Anti-blemish formulation that helps reduce skin impurities & combats breakoutsyes please! My skin is RUBBISH. I have more spots now than when I was 16, so it’s a thumbs up from me xox


So, you look at this and automatically think, hmm.. concealer or lipstick? Not everyone finds this shade flattering, I mean I like nude, but sometimes nude is too nude (brb finding the point where my lips and skin meet). Where was this lipstick when I was in Year 9???? Would have saved my lips from crusting and looking drier than the Sahara. (insert save the children advert – Savannah hasn’t consumed water in 6 months and her lips have disappeared) Foundation lipz yay xo. Ok I’m going off track. I decided to swatch this, on my arm and my lips. I don’t hate it, I’d just use a lipliner with it!


It’s a nice consistency, it is a semi-matte and satin finish. It really reminds me of MAC’s ‘Myth’, however it is a little more orange. I feel ‘Myth’ is slightly more pigmented, but I like the fact Oryza is a tad more sheer as it looks more natural. At £15.95 (quite expensive) my initial thoughts are good – if it was in MAC packaging I would probably mistake it for MAC, however I’m not sure how long-wearing it is, and not sure on the colour, but I should still get some use out of it.

I’d not heard of Oryza before, but it launched in 2017 and is a fast growing London based brand.

LIKE IT? Well that’s a shame cus I can’t find a link to buy it, LMAO. Sorry.

Woop, another full sizer!  I do really like this and will use it as an everyday lip colour. Cheeks? Probably not. I’m not one for blush as my cheeks are red enough, If I was to use a colour on my cheeks it would be more of a bronze. It does glide on really well and I can imagine it will blend well on your cheeks.

Actually, when I swatched this on my wrist and rubbed it off it took a bit of rubbing to get it off, which is great. I found it really similar to MAC’s ‘Sandy B’, buy I actually prefer it as I find ‘Sandy B’ has a more golden shimmer to it that can sometimes be a bit too ‘frosty’.

(BTW – I only really own MAC lipsticks which is why I seem to only be comparing the two)


Last up, an overnight mask by the premium skincare brand MUDMASKY that hails from Amsterdam. To use you apply a thin layer, leave overnight and remove by rinsing with warm water. I am yet to try this but may even treat myself and try it tonight.


Overall this box has been really impressive with a lot of full-sized products. I would have liked to have tried the ‘Laura Geller Illuminating Stick’ but who knows – maybe I’ll get it another time. If I add up the cost of the products my box it comes to a whopping £99.20?! Safe to say the £13.25 was worth it. I hope this review might be of interest to anyone considering signing up to Glossybox in the future. (P.S. Sorry my nails are so random – I was experimenting with glitter/eyeshadow and Gelish for St. Patricks day.. Fail) Take care lovelies! x




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Disclaimer: All of my product reviews, whether the items are gifted or not, are unbiased and 100% honest.


  1. April 18, 2018 / 12:14 am

    Wow. I really like both the lip products! I must admit I gave up on Glossybox after some shipping customer service issues but your reviews make me want to join up again!

    • Savannah
      April 18, 2018 / 7:24 am

      I think it’s hard once you have a bad experience! Luckily I haven’t had any bad experiences 🙊 glad you enjoyed my review babe x

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