Milk + Blush: The Complete Guide (Shade Match, Lengths & Thicknesses)

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Hi website I spent loads of money on but rarely use, it’s been a while! ūüėÄ

Welcome to¬† 2.0.¬†Goodbye subscription boxes, hello hair! So, *breaking news* I wear hair extensions. And I wear them pretty much EVERY time I wear my hair down. And when I’m in my 50’s I will still be wearing them. #ilovehairextensions

You got me.

I’m not gunna lie, these beautiful locks have not always been so discreet and undetectable.. But let’s move swiftly past ‘Savannah the hot mess of 2008’ with a blunt above shoulder haircut and the thinnest two strands of extensions known to man.

Hold tight the 90’s and 00’s clip in crew.

For those who fell victim, my thoughts are with you, may the photos never re-surface ‚ô•

Whether you are a hair extension virgin or a total virgOUT (I’m guessing by this I mean hair extension.. slut? *ahem* ..moving on) You cannot deny hair extensions have been profound part of hair history.¬†Wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptions. YES, BELIEVE! The Elizabethan Times, Victorian Era, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 90’s – safe to say we’ve been slayin’ a weave for¬†quite some time.¬†

I’ve always opted for clip in extensions as they are the best way to keep your natural hair healthy whilst giving you the option to change up your look. Milk + Blush¬†revealed their clip in extensions to the world over 15 years ago. This brand¬†LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.¬†I’ve used M+B for 5 years now and would never buy elsewhere.¬†They only use 100% Remy human hair and the hair comes already trimmed for a healthier and thicker appearance.¬†

Now, if you’ve never heard of M+B, but you have heard of ‘HK‘, ‘Bobby Glam‘ and ‘Dirty Looks‘ then.. *news flash* these are all MILK + BLUSH! Same amazing quality hair extensions, different name.


I’ve upped my ‘you need to get a life‘ game to level 100 and put together a complete guide to EVERYTHING M+B.¬†Mhm, it’s a mo’ fuckin’ Milk + Blush case study.¬†Those questions you didn’t even know you wanted answered have been answered..

The ones you didn’t even WANT answered have been answered.

..I’ve literally gone IN.

Jokes aside, all this info can obviously be found on the website..
to browse, purchase and for incredible hair tutorials & tips
Use code: SAVANNAH5 for £5 off / SAVANNAH10 for $10USD off

for a video showcasing all the colours

Or, continue reading! Because how great is it to have everything all on one page? This is for all you M+B newbies. But also, for the oldies! Those M+B veterans who are unfamiliar with the new shade names and extension sets.

Full Head Clip In Hair Extension Sets

Regular Set (Classic) Deluxe Set (Seamless) Superior Set (Classic) Luxurious Set (Quad Weft)
The classic clip in hair extension set. They are made with a durable, stitched weft.

I would opt for this set if you have fine hair or if you just want a little thickness rather than length.


The seamless extensions are so flat and comfortable to wear. They are almost undetectable! I would opt for this set if you have normal to thick hair and you want length or thickness.

If you are new to M+B, I would highly recommend this set (unless your hair is massively thick) as it’s a great all-rounder!

Only available in 20-22″ and 24-26″. The same classic style as the ‘regular set’ just with more hair! So perfect for girls with thicker hair.

The quad wefts are amazing. I think everyone needs a quad weft in their life.

If your hair is thick, short or blunt cut you are going to need some THICK extensions to blend that.. VOILÀ!  Praise the lord for the quad weft set. Made with four layers of hair on a lace weft, meaning there is more hair on fewer clips. 

I did try a quad weft set years ago but I did feel like it was a bit too much¬† with the full set in. But remember, if you don’t need ALL the clips, don’t wear them all!

Clip In Hair Extension Prices

‚ô° 12-14″ ‚ô°
Deluxe Set (Seamless) // £80

‚ô° 16-18″ ‚ô°
Regular Set (Classic 100g) // £88
Deluxe Set (Seamless 160g) // £96
Luxurious Set (Quad Weft 200g) // £125

Single Weft (Seamless) // £24
Quad Weft // £32

‚ô° 20-22″¬†‚ô°
Regular Set (Classic 120g) // £98
Deluxe Set (Seamless 180g) // £138
Superior Set (Classic 220g) // £174
Luxurious Set (Quad Weft 265g) // £194

Single Weft (Seamless) // £28
Quad Weft // £42

‚ô° 24-26″¬†‚ô°
Deluxe Set (Seamless) // £156
Superior Set (Classic) // £210

Please excuse me while I go ahead and throw ALL TYPES of shade at you. I’m talkin’ TWENTY SIX types of shade. How incredible is this colour range?!

Brown Hair Extension Shades (Solid Colours)

Fame or Shame Good Vibes Love This Feeling Sweet Like Chocolate Hot Toffee
Was called: Liquorice Was called: Organic Was called: Espresso Was called: Melted Chocolate Was called: Stalker Worthy
Darkest hair extension shade. A rich jet/midnight black. A natural black/off black with subtle warmer undertones. A deep, dark, warm colour with lots of subtle tones of red running through it. ¬†An ‘oh-so-natural‘ looking rich medium brown shade with warm tones.


This shade is multi-tonal it has honey, ashen and warmer caramel undertones.

Brown Hair Extension Shades (Highlighted Colours)

Sweetie Darling Honey Hustle
Was called: Iced Coffee Was called: Cappuccino Highlights
A blend of chocolate tones and velvet blonde highlights. The base shade is a mid brunette with mid to light brown shades woven through it. A deep brown base and creamy blonde highlights. The perfect shade if you can‚Äôt quite decide whether you are a blonde or brunette.¬†This shade can also be used if you don’t have highlights in your hair to create a blush effect.

Red Hair Extension Shades

¬†I Think We’re Alone Now ¬†I Said Red Dye It Yourself
A rich auburn red colour. It has an autumnal base of copper, reds and auburn’s. This shade is a vibrant, rich, red hair extension colour. A¬†deep berry red with glossy ruby undertones. This shade has been designed specifically so you can dye you hair extensions to match you hair. It is a neutral warm shade which is great for dying darker. The warmer tones help to make sure the dyes don’t appear too ashen – however you still may need to pre-pig the hair.

REMEMBER – This hair cannot be bleached or lightened.

Blonde Hair Extension Shades (Solid Colours)

Oh My Gwen Stefani L.A. Blonde Weekend In Malibu St. Tropez With A Tan
Was called: 90’s Blonde Was called: Hold My Poodle Was called: Malibu Blonde Was called: Tanned Blonde
A bleach blonde / colour #60 on most charts.

You can use a toner or purple shampoo on these.

Classed as a ‘Hollywood¬†bombshell‘ or champagne blonde colour.

It has sand, wheat and biscuit blonde tones running through it.

This shade has a sun-kissed blend of golden and ash-coloured tones.

Perfect if you are a natural blonde.

A medium blonde colour with light caramel, strawberry blonde and wheat undertones. A very light brown / dark blonde colour. It contain honey and ashen shades.

Blonde Hair Extension Shades (Highlighted Colours)

Paparazzi California Parisian Dreams
Was called: Paparazzi Highlights Was called: Slayer Was called: Parisian Highlights
The lightest highlighted hair shade. It is also the most popular hair shade. It contains light milky, wheat and champagne blonde tones.

Perfect if you have heavily highlighted hair.

This is a gorgeous summery shade with a blend of lovely light golden tones and pretty ashy highlights. Described as a buttery sand colour.

It has sunkissed vibes created with a bleach highlight and highlift tint.

A soft blonde base with coppery highlights.

Perfect for those with natural strawberry blonde hair with the subtle blonde highlights. The highlights add a lovely hint of texture.

Second Base Rich and Famous She Stole My Look
Was called: Manhattan Highlighted Was called: Girl Band Was called: Butterscotch Highlights
Classed as a light blonde colour with dark blonde highlights. It is a blend of multi-tonal, ashy highlights on a warm, sandy base of solid blonde. One of the most popular shades.

It works really well with lots of different highlighted hair colours.

This shade is a medium to light blonde with toasted light brown low-lights.

It is a shade darker than second base and has slightly more brown tones running through it. It is more ash toned than golden.

The darkest shade of highlighted blonde hair extensions.

It‚Äôs a lovely warm shade of caramel blonde with very pretty walnut tones running through it. Descibed as a ‘bronde’ highlighted shade.

Oh My Ombr√© Bel-Air Surf’s Up Spaced Out Kiss The Girl
Starts as almost black at root melting into a chocolate brown and ending with a honey blonde.

You can use these extensions to create an ombre effect.

Starting from chocolate brown at the root into a lighter blonde on the ends.

This shade is extremely versatile and will still blend even if your base colour isn’t spot on.

This is a medium blonde base with light caramel and wheat undertones. It graduates into a light bleach but toned blonde on the ends. It starts at black and melts into a space grey.

From reviews I have seen, all I’d say is that its not a true ‘steel grey’ on the ends but more of a very ash blonde. It appears different dependent on lighting.

A teal green ombré. This hair extension shade goes from black to teal. It can also be mixable.

If you are still unsure on your colour, all you need to do is drop the Milk + Blush team a picture of your hair! The hair technicians are SO helpful and will make sure you get the best match possible. Just make sure your picture is a head and shoulder shot of your hair down, showing all your hair with natural outdoor lighting (but not direct sunlight). You can also take a look at the Milk + Blush Instagram page.

I’ll be doing a series of M+B blog posts in the coming months, my next post will be an unboxing of my new hair extensions – so stay tuned!
Use code: SAVANNAH5 for £5 off / SAVANNAH10 for $10USD off

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