My Glam Box Review – July 2018

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Hello, It’s me.. ♪

Oh, sorry! You probably didn’t recognise me because this months Glam Box may have transformed me into Beyonce in this exact GIF. This is my life now. I am a Queen. An actual golden living statue. I’m more golden than golden nuggets.

Mmm, Golden Nuggets..

Where are these cereals at?! I need these back in my life.


GREAT. Now I have a craving. Can we move on pls?

Iconic Lashes Manchester 

Love. Can’t really go wrong. Lets face it – you can never really have too many pairs of lashes.

Glam By Shauna

Liquid Highlighter

Probably the best thing I’ve recieved from any box. I wear this almost every day – I am SOSOSO in love. I literally want to smother my mind, body and soul in the stuff.

Peggy Sage

Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Moka’

I’m yet to try this as I can already tell it will probably be too dark for the majority of the lip colours I wear.. yawn.

The BeBeautiful Studio

Glitter in ‘Toast’

I absolutely adore these little pots and I want one in EVERY colour (please & thanks xo).


Mermaid Shimmer Spray

I’m really not a fan of this. I feel it is way too shimmery. Potentially I will use this for fancy dress or Halloween but I would feel very conscious and stupid wearing this day-to-day.


Glitter Body Scrub

I haven’t tried the glitter body scrub but I’m hoping its not as shimmery as the spray.

Overall, this is another great box. I didn’t know how this months would live up to the amazing unicorn box of last month, but the liquid highlighter made this box for me.

Ciao for now xo

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Glam Box July 2018
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    • Savannah
      August 15, 2018 / 12:01 am

      Yes! Can’t wait for next month xo

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